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The Cooke companies have been active in the real estate industry since 1972. Cooke Real Estate School and Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters, the current legal name of education arm of Cooke Inc., is proud to have educated and trained thousands of students who have found success in the real estate industry. Cooke Real Estate School constantly works to provide to their students the best modalities available to help each student find success in their real estate education endeavor. All courses have recorded video presentations for each session/chapter of the course. With the wonderful educational technology available today such as video conferencing, video streaming and web-based educational platforms, Cooke students have a wonderful opportunity to learn all facets the real estate industry provides on their time and in the environment best suited for learning. Cooke is a licensed provider of Dearborn Real Estate Education content and includes the companion textbook for each course it provides.


  • All Cooke courses are good for 6 months.
  • Once a student registers and textbooks are mailed there is a NO refund policy
  • The companion textbook(s) is/are provided with all courses from which the content of the online course is derived.
  • Since each course stands on its own merit and state regulatory agency individually approves courses there is no granting of any credit for previous education. Nor is there any credit for transfer to any other regulatory agency.
  • There is no charge for a Certificate of Completion if the student took the course within the last five years.


How It All Started

In 1970, Frank Cooke, owner and permit holder of Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters, Inc., got his real estate license and started part-time in the real estate business in St. Petersburg, Florida. After six months as a part-time real estate agent, Frank went full time.

In 1972, Frank got his broker's license and started his own company, Cooke Properties Inc., working out of the den in his home in St. Petersburg.

In 1973, Cooke Inc. moved to a permanent location on Dr. Martin Luther King Street and 54 Avenue North in St. Petersburg. In 1974 the name of the firm was changed to Cooke Inc. In 1978, Cooke Inc. started a real estate school called Cooke Real Estate School, Inc., teaching the real estate license courses around the Tampa Bay area. In 1980, the Cooke Companies started a property management firm called Cooke Property Management, Inc.

In January 1994, the school business of the Cooke Companies, Cooke Real Estate School Inc., was sold to one of the partners in the Cooke Companies. For a year and a half, the Cooke Companies were only involved in real estate sales and property management.

In September of 1995, Frank again went back into the school business. The school was called Real Estate School Headquarters, Inc. and started their first classes at the St. Petersburg Association of Realtors offices in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 1996, Beth Cooke, Frank's wife, joined the companies and ran the property management firm.

In 1998, the school was renamed again to reflect its owner name, Frank Cooke, and was called Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters, Inc., as it is today.

In 1999, Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters received approval by the Florida Real Estate Commission to provide the classes by video conferencing. As a result, in September of 1999 the first video conferencing of a real estate class in Florida took place between St. Petersburg and Brandon.

In 2001, Cooke sold the property management firm to Tourtelot Brothers, an old established St. Petersburg brokerage firm. Beth helps with the management of the Cooke sales department.

Also, in 2001, Cooke became the first real estate school in the nation to have their classes live on the Internet.  Students can view the class online anytime during class hours.

On February 7, 2004, Cooke was one of the first real estate schools in Florida to provide the Sales Associate Pre-License Course On-Line and the first school in the United States to offer the course by streaming video.  Cooke School currently has the only approved Video Streaming certification and the only Video Conferencing certification give by ARELLO (The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials).

Today, the Cooke School has 45+ Video Conference Centers locations across the United States and provides on-line education in real estate, appraisal, mortgages and home inspection in many states. 

Meet The Staff

Frank L. Cooke, Jr. - President

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Frank Cooke is the owner and permit holder of the school. Frank has been involved in real estate since 1978. Thousands of students have been through programs that Frank has been involved with. Frank graduated from Florida State University in 1966 and started in the real estate business in 1970. He began his own real estate company 1972.

Beth Cooke - Vice President and Director

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Beth is Frank's wife. In 1996 Beth joined the firm to run the Property Management Division. Beth now assists the staff when needed, and helps direct the firm's long term goals. She enjoys spending a lot of time with her grandsons, Cameron and Tyler.

Steele Burgess - Video Conferencing, Technical Administrator

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Steele has been with the school since June 2001. Steele is responsible for the technical side of the school. Because of Cooke's high-tech approach to real estate education, such as providing the course via video conferencing to 75 locations statewide and providing all students with a live video stream of the Sales Associate license course, Steele is a very important member of our staff.

Mark Jennings - Video Conferencing, Technical Administrative Assistant

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Mark joined Cooke Real Estate School on March 1, 2004. Mark is Assistant to the President, Frank Cooke, and does a variety of jobs for the firms.

Susan Jones - Registrar

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Joining the company in 2013, Susan plays a major role in helping students register for class, handing completions, and reporting completions to the various state regulators that Cooke School provides license courses.

Ben McCrary - Website & LMS Developer

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Ben joined Cooke Real Estate School in 2007. He is the lead programmer for Cooke School's website and the Learning Managment System.

Meet The Instructors

Paul Shoemaker - Instructor

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Paul is licensed by the State of Florida as a General Appraiser Instructor, Real Estate Instructor, Residential Real Estate Appraiser and Mortgage Broker. Paul is a AQB certified appraiser instructor by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (Appraisal Foundation). Paul has over 30 years experience as an instructor and when he moved to Dunedin, Florida in 1997, it was with the intention of continuing to work as an Appraisal Instructor. He joined Cooke Real Estate School Headquarters shortly thereafter.

Steve Nelson - Instructor

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Steven Nelson has been involved in the real estate profession for most of his adult life.  Upon his graduation from Concordia University he became involved in property management which inevitably led him to become a licensed REALTOR.  While going about his duties of running a real estate office in Florida it was during the training of new recruits that he had a revelation that teaching was his true vocation.  His love of teaching comes across in every session through his exuberance and teaching skills.  He invites you to join him in his next scheduled class at COOKE  Real Estate School.  See him on our on-line streaming video courses now. 

Kathleen Kazor - Course Developer

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Kathleen is working with Dallie Moriarty, our senor instructor, to develop courseware for pre-license courses.

Jim and Mary Sweetin - Instructor

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Jim and Mary have both been instructing real estate since September 1987. Both Jim and Mary started their real estate instructor career with Cooke Real Estate School. We are very proud these two professional instructors have rejoined our firm.

Shawna Kugler - Instructor

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Shawna has been in the real estate business with her husband, since 1999. She recently obtained her Florida instructor license and is recording courses for our online streaming video programs.

Gary Nichols - Instructor

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Gary is a professor for the University of Central Florida since 2009. We are excited about Gary involvement in our real estate license school.

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I really like your courses and website.....this is my 2nd course with Cooke and will stay and recommned your school....Very pleased with your service.

Lizette M. Pinero

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